2018 In Review

Monday, 31 December 2018

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!

Parker and I have had a lot of chats about starting traditions for our family. One tradition I would like to do each year is to write a quick review of the year that has past, because life seems to fly by, and what a way to reflect & reminisce on it all than with a little recap.

My mom hosted an incredible Bridal Shower for me at their home in West Van starting off the year of the wedding. It was such a beautiful day full of good food, people, drinks, games & lovely gifts.

Parker and I visited some of our favourite people, Doug & Barney in Southern California from Feb 8th-11th for a weekend of exploring, delicious food, a lot of drinks, sunshine, and of course, great company. On February 16th, we sadly said goodbye to our best bud, Lukie. I still reflect on this day & miss him always.

My Division 1 Women's soccer team won the Doug Day Cup here in Victoria! Parker's Division 1 soccer team also made it to the Jackson Cup Final, where they played their hearts out, but unfortunately lost and Parker got an unfortunate injury to his hip. We're realizing that our 27 year old bodies are definitely not the same as our 17 year old ones when it comes to playing competitive sports!

Parker & I went on a couple of quick trips to Whistler & Tofino in April. We had a great weekend with our good friends Alex, Ricki and Phil in Whistler, and with a bigger group of friends in Tofino. Feeling super optimistic for the weather to turn out in Tofino, we booked a camp site and had a very cold & wet (but still fun) weekend.

The first week of May, Parker and I spent a week on Secret Island to celebrate his 27th birthday and to unwind after a long winter. We spent the first 4 days alone, and then a group of friends joined us from Vancouver for the long weekend, a tradition we've kept for the past 4 years. My women's soccer team won the Provincials in Vancouver on May 12th, which was a huge achievement for us being the underdogs the entire way! It was a really great season with such an incredible group of women. On the May long weekend from May 18-21, my bridal party travelled to Vegas to celebrate my bachelorette. We had a tonne of fun enjoying the vibrant Vegas atmosphere. Sadly, my Grandad passed away on May 18th, so as soon as we were home from Vegas, my sister Sarah and I organized to travel to England to be there to support Davina, my mom, Fiona and the rest of the family.

June 1st was my Grandad's celebration of life in England, surrounded by close friends & family...a very sad but special day celebrating a great man. My cousin Tom and I both read poems at the funeral, it was extremely tough but we were both glad we were able to say something honouring Grandad. Parker had his bachelor party in Shirley on Vancouver Island the weekend of June 1st. Everyone thought Shirley was a funny choice, but I think they were hoping to do some surfing (one of the best spots on the island), but I'm not even sure they ever got around to it! On June 10th we had our Wedding Shower in Victoria with friends and family in Colleen & Andrew's garden. It was a beautiful sunny day. On June 12th Parker and I celebrated 12 years together with a very special day with our family. It was a small celebration of our love that we will never forget.

We went to Rock the Shores, a music festival, on June 15th where we saw one of our favourite bands, The Bahamas and had a great day with good friends Jay & Sam. The weekend of the 28th our friends Carleigh & Robbie visited Victoria from Whistler and we spent a fun weekend with them showing them all we could of our small town!

WEDDING TIME! We had our wedding day on August 18th surrounded by all the best people at my parent's property on Salt Spring Island. One day at Secret Island, Parker's family's property, and a great rehearsal dinner at Colleen & Andrew's rental house made for the best weekend ever. After, we spent a few days in Tofino with family where we went surfing, drank good wine & ate amazing food. The perfect way to unwind after a crazy weekend.

We planned a super fun party for Andrew's 60th birthday on September 22nd, with an amazing turn out, delicious cocktails and of course, good food. I celebrated my 27th birthday in Vancouver with a great group of friends at The Parlour for dinner, followed by the Bob Moses concert at the Commodore Ballroom. The next day, we flew out to begin our honeymoon adventures! We started in Australia, visiting my friend Maritza in Sydney, and then drove up the coast to Brisbane in a camper van to meet my sister Sarah in Surfer's Paradise. I hope to do a separate, more in depth post on all our travels soon!

After spending 3 weeks in Australia, we flew to Bali on October 15th where we spent 2 months enjoying the Bali life. Parker loved how he could surf at sunset every day, and I couldn't get enough of the fresh fruit & yoga every morning. We will definitely miss the lifestyle and hope to go back again soon.

We continued our travels and work abroad through Bali. We spent some time in Canggu doing the co-working space life that is very popular over there, travelled back to Ubud & Uluwatu (a couple of our favourite spots), and made our way to Nusa Lembongan where we both went scuba diving for the first time...with manta rays! Again, I hope to do a separate post on all these travels soon.

We travelled to Singapore on our way home, where we spent 5 days exploring this gorgeous city. We met up with an old friend from high school, went to the zoo, explored the metropolitan Marina Bay area, went to the Botanical Gardens...our feet were spent after 5 days as we walked around the entire city! We arrived home December 18th to spend the Christmas season with our family & friends. We had planned to spend Christmas on Salt Spring this year, but because of a crazy storm that came through cutting off our power, the Atkins kindly invited us into their home to spend Christmas all together. We couldn't have felt more lucky to have our family all together.

While writing this, I can't believe all the things we did in one year...it really was a crazy year. We are looking forward to spending 2019 refocusing on our careers & finding our happy place here on the West Coast, hopefully with a few travel adventures tucked in the mix!

Wishing everyone a happy & healthy 2019.  🖤


Our Wedding - August 18th 2018

Saturday, 17 November 2018

What a day. What a year. Planning a wedding is some serious business. Having been in Bali for just over a month now, I've realized how desperately my body needed a little unwind time...

The last year of planning our wedding was a little stressful for me....who knew planning such an important life event where everyone is so emotionally involved could be soooo intense?! I guess I should've seen that one coming. Having no experience planning an event this size, and just wanting it to be perfect for everyone, I put a lot of (unnecessary) pressure on myself to make it so. Also, I had never realized that in fact, I am quite terrible at delegating tasks & am a bit of a control freak....these traits came into full fruition leading up to the day (sorry Parker & everyone else). I really couldn't have done it without my super woman of a mom who calmed me down at every moment, and put so much effort into making the day perfect as well. It's funny what a big life event can do. When emotions are so real, raw, and sacred, it brings to the surface the areas in your life that are so important, and some that just might not be so genuine. Some decisions were more difficult to make than others, but all I can do is live with them, trust they were right, and move forward.

Regardless of the stress leading up, the day was so magical and full of love...the stress just melted away. It couldn't have gone any better. Everyone seemed to have such an incredible time dancing under the stars, drink in hand, fully celebrating love and the moment. A smile never left our faces the entire day.

People kept reminding us to fully take in every moment because it goes by so fast. Did it ever. The day seemed to happen in a blink of an eye. I started the day with a light run, hoping to clear my head and calm the nerves a little. I spent the first bit of the morning organizing the more personal details that meant the most to me. Before I knew it, the flowers & caterers had arrived, the girls hair and makeup was moving quickly along, and it was time for me to sit down, have a bite to eat and get my own hair and makeup done. Then, Kelly the photographer arrived, and it was all of a sudden time to go have our first look! The first look was a really special & exciting moment for us both, allowing us to connect one-on-one before the madness all began. Arriving back at the property to see all our friends and family gathered in one place brought up an overwhelming amount of emotion, and the hour we had before the ceremony started was even more emotional. The moment my mom left my side to go sit down, the moment my dad saw me for the first time and proceeded to walk me down the isle, the moment I walked out the door and saw everyone there smiling & clapping...so many moments I will never forget. From there, the day went by in a continuous fun, emotional & happy blur...a beautiful ceremony run by our even more beautiful friend, Doug, cocktail hour trying our best to say hi and catch up with everyone, family photos, an incredibly delicious dinner, some very touching & memorable speeches, one very special song, closed off by an insane dance party. Before we knew it, it was 2am, all the booze was gone and it was time to shut things down!

Everyone who made the day exactly what we had hoped, thank you, thank you. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you to everyone who travelled all the way to Salt Spring Island, a very special place for us, it was so wonderful having you all there and we hope you all had an amazing time. And thank you to Kelly Brown Photography for capturing all these special moments like a magician. We wish we could re-live it all over again, and you allow us to do that with these images. So hard to choose our favourites, but some of the highlights below. Also, thank you to our incredible friend Taylor who gifted us with this wedding video which also captures the entire weekend so perfectly. Copy & paste the link below to view!  




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